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The Bovina of today was formed from parts of Delhi, Stamford, and Middletown by an act of the state legislature on February 25, 1820. The name, Bovina, comes from the Latin word bovinus, meaning cattle. It was suggested by Gen. Erastus Root because it was a pioneer town in the dairy industry. Pre-1820 History, A vast area between the east and west branches of the Delaware River had been claimed by the Dutch, English, and French. By a treaty in 1701 England became the owner.

In 1708 Queen Anne granted the land to a group of eight men in what was known as the Hardenburgh Patent. After many years the land was surveyed into 41 lots. The land now known as Bovina came into possession of the Livingston family, ancestors of the Gerry family. The Gerrys own a large estate around Lake Delaware in the southern part of the township. The area known as Bovina lay first in Albany County. Later, it was Ulster County, and finally, in 1797 became part of Delaware County.

Today, there are fewer than four working dairy farms in Bovina. Russell’s General Store was operated by the Russell family since January 1, 1919, when Cecil Russell bought the store. He operated it until his passing in 1982. The store is still open. There are many bed & breakfasts to stay in Bovina, as well as a general store and a cafe.

To learn more, go to the Alliance for Bovina.

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