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DSC_0094revThe Township of Roxbury — all 90 square miles of it! — offers some of the most stunning vistas in the Northeastern United States. Nestled in Western Catskills, this bucolic corner of Delaware County offers perhaps the broadest diversity of recreation, history, architecture, outdoor sports, cultural and artistic enrichment, and peaceful contemplation that you’ll find anywhere in the Catskills.

Unlike many long treasured destinations, the Town of Roxbury has held onto its unspoiled character and authentic charm. Visit here and the pace of rural life soon settles in. You can catch a really deep breath, stop and take in the deep quiet, and feel yourself reinvigorated in the clean brace of mountain air and the mountain’s sweeping sense of time. In addition to the rural vistas and farmland you’ll see along the township’s two-lane roads, there are three distinct areas within the township itself: the village hamlets of Roxbury and Grand Gorge, and the Denver/Vega Valley.

Today, Roxbury is home to an internationally recognized hotel and spa, as well as a few great bar & restaurants.

To learn more, go to the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Roxbury’s Website!